Alexandra Clair


-Stories around the city-
August 1-September 1, 2019
/BWA Katowice-Poland/

Collective Exhibition with Agnieszka Antkowiak and Przemek Branas.

Curated by Marta Lisok.

Sit comfortably in the couch and participate
in my TV show,
which will take place only in your head.
Feel the karaoke rap-poem.
Dive into the video, where you can take a stroll around the city,
and feel the flow
of my non-binary rap-poem
about life of LGBT person in Poland.

Dive into my rap-poem:

“I was watching commercials and as always…
Polsat’s ( tv station in Poland)
Mc Donald’s doubled set- I didn’t ask for…
But I received…

White Hetero-double,
like if that was some higher level.
Alone like that “Tom Thumb”.

Mother, I’m hetero,
not some homo-zero…

She writes me on Tinder.
So here comes the question
or for that first greeting
there will be a kiss on the cheek or on the lips…
Will there be homophobic debauchery around?


Dry and Empty
In this tank…
Sir, you better fill this hetero-default!

My sexual orientation?
Yep, Grandma.

My fault…

After all…
I keep my dignity locked
in a storage space.

My father doesn’t even talk to me.
It’s difficult to find acceptance in Poland.

So that I am sad…

I would grab you by the hand…
But I know, that people will bother us
in the park

And I know
they will look at us
like at Yeti in the wood…

The way leftists look at Andrzej Duda at the congress
and that the boys will whistle or spit,
Grandmothers will be indignant,
Mothers and neighbours will be disgusted.

And only the children won’t care.

Cheers Queers,
Minority sign three.”

“By conquering the spontaneous dimension of a stroll as a spatial experiment, the artists reject the postulate of guarding boundaries, structures and gender. They succumb to the desire for infinite flexibility. They study identity without a strong foundation, constantly threatened with fragmentation and dispersion.

The artists leave behind relics of risky outings at night, metamorphoses taking place in limited visibility, beyond the controlling eyes of law-abiding residents.

They study the anatomy of a walk, i.e. the very basis of the hip-hop imaginary, based on gestures of appropriating the environment, marking it with private signatures. In this context, space is a story created in the rhythm of the steps about a metropolis divided into housing estates, territories with crossing paths, hot spots in the city tissue. In this lunatic movement, nothing is certain and nothing is own. Identities turn out to be shaky like jellies. The city seduces and absorbs its narrator. The unmasked rapper disappears, abandoning his attributes, frees himself from the role, sheds his skin, leaving a thin muck. Released from being strong and furious, he can just be a poet.”

excerpt from the curatorial text by Marta Lisok

This Residency bears fruit,
the exhibition I’ve created space for,
A living room to be more accurate,
which was filled up with familiar looking
for most Millennials or Zoomers,
IKEA furniture.

We all know those kind of cheap curtains
or this sofa, which we sit on in our rented flat
or during this boring house party
which we’ve attended last Friday.

Everyday we fill ourselves with too much informations.
Which is very oppressive to our subconscious mind,
and that’s how the anxiety is made.

Sometimes we use affirmations,
which we well know in theory,
but we don’t know
how to implement these things in actions.

We surround ourselves with what we know,
and make us feel comfortable.
Trying to figure out what are we…

The starting point of the work is
the simultaneous clash of the viewer
with both feelings
of anxiety and a sense of security.
The work is aimed to show the location
of our comfort zone limits and leaning over it.

-During the exhibition visitors could find small soldiers figures hided in TV stand, in drawers and take them as souvenirs to their homes.-

fot. Michał Jędrzejowski