Alexandra Clair


-House of mixed…-
April 22- May 1, 2016
/Gallery 404/Cracow-Poland/

Collective Exhibition made for KRAKERS Cracow Gallery Weekend
with Karolina Jarzębak and Martyna Kielesińska.

Curated by Michał Sypień.

We have pleasure to invite you to jump into our hole
to discover the world we’ve created.
An ambivalent space,
where you can feel soft and comfy
like in mother’s womb.

Explore your comfort zone
and it’s boundaries,
while watching our works
to then lie down in soft foam
and drift away in your own mind
to the rhythm of ambient music.

“In this exhibition we want to respond with our works to the ubiquitous exaltation.
The show „House of mixed emotions” is conceived as a multisensory message delivered in a cyber language.

The effectiveness of utterances will be measured on a zero-to-one affective quality scale, where the highest score will be the state in between.

The artists touch the fine line between what is beautiful and what is embarrassing. Emotional ambivalence can be similar to having fun in a nightclub, with both exhaustion and cleansing at the same time.”

excerpt from the curatorial text by Michał Sypień


fot. Bernard Śmiałek